I once heard someone describe their viewpoint of the world: strong ideas loosely held. Since then, I have never heard such a succinct description of a more potent philosophy for continuous improvement. Our ideas and viewpoints are some of the strongest aspects of our identity. Taking a stance, forming a

On May 29th, 2018, Bitmatica announced the acquisition of its Salesforce Lead Management Product Dashtab to be acquired by the sales consultancy SaaScend! This marks an exciting conclusion to Bitmatica's three year journey to re-imagine the Salesforce user experience and optimize the lead management process for Sales Development Representatives. We

Coders for hire? Perhaps not. "Coding" is a term that has been quickly adopted to describe the (often very well-paid) profession and hobby of millions around the world, likely due to its brevity. However, its terse and increasingly commoditized usage is doing a disservice to the highly educated individuals that

When I began selling software services years ago, there were a number of assumptions I made about how the world behaved. Specifically, as an engineer, I believed that people were rational, behaviors were predictable, and products / services were bought on the basis of their merit. What a rude awakening I