The City that Fell Asleep

On March 21st, 2020, one week after New York City began its descent into COVID-19-induced lockdown, I took a walk down the most famous street in America: Broadway. This is what I saw. Or more accurately, didn't see. Seventh Avenue and West 34th Street Herald Square. Plenty of seating for

After writing In Defense of WeWork, the BBC reached out to hear the perspective of perhaps the only person on the planet (other than Adam himself) who had something positive to say about the company. I sat down at their studio in Paris to chat with host Edwin Lane about

In Defense of WeWork

WeWork, the largest co-working space in the world, has been getting a lot of negative press lately, from SoftBank substantially lowering its planned investment to its rebranding to the "We Company", to the reveal that its CEO has been leasing his own real estate to WeWork to make

I once heard someone describe their viewpoint of the world: strong ideas loosely held. Since then, I have never heard such a succinct description of a more potent philosophy for continuous improvement. Our ideas and viewpoints are some of the strongest aspects of our identity. Taking a stance, forming a


On May 29th, 2018, Bitmatica announced the acquisition of its Salesforce Lead Management Product Dashtab to be acquired by the sales consultancy SaaScend! This marks an exciting conclusion to Bitmatica's three year journey to re-imagine the Salesforce user experience and optimize the lead management process for Sales Development Representatives. We