On May 29th, 2018, Bitmatica announced the acquisition of its Salesforce Lead Management Product Dashtab to be acquired by the sales consultancy SaaScend! This marks an exciting conclusion to Bitmatica's three year journey to re-imagine the Salesforce user experience and optimize the lead management process for Sales Development Representatives.

We started building Dashtab a few years ago collaborating with Jorge Soto with the vision of creating a beautiful and automated workflow inside Salesforce to help SDRs qualify more leads faster.

Quickly it became a smash hit with organizations whose reps were frustrated at the archaic experience inside Salesforce, and wanted a modern workflow to manage their day. Using our lean startup and design thinking methodologies, we built a product that customers truly loved, and we're excited to see it taken to the next level.

SaaScend is a demand generation and Salesforce consultancy for the B2B space, and Dashtab will become a part of its comprehensive suite of products and services to help build and grow sales organizations.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!